Introducing Parent & The Peach - A New Weekly Comic Strip for Parents With Small Kids

My daughter is full of beans. Like most parents, I’m constantly amazed at the hilarious things she says, the funny things she does and her wonderful sense of humour. I can take photos until I’m blue in the face and I already have a backlog of video I’ve shot of her that I’m still in the process of cataloguing. I began to wonder how I might be able to capture more of her humorous antics so that I could share them with our friends and family who are spread out across this vast globe when I stumbled across Pixton.

So I began messing around with their free online comic-creation software when it occurred to me that this would be the perfect medium to showcase and document more of Bella’s hilarity!

I’ve been recording some of my conversations with Peacho on my phone for the past few weeks and so the adventures I create on this weekly comic strip will be taken from those along with the notes I take of the funny things she says when we are out and about!

I look forward to sharing with you and hope you will follow and pass along the adventures of Parent & The Peach to your friends and families!

(CLICK HERE to view the full-size version. You can also leave comments here on my blog OR on the comic itself!)